Haqsons Exports as ISO 9001:2000 certified Co. is the Off-Shoot of the Haqsons Group of Industries established in 1960. The beginning was made with a Vegetable Tannery at Unnao styled as “The Unnao Tannery”. 1966 saw us expanding our area of activities by taking over another Veg+Chrome Tannery known as “The Shewan Tannery” at Kanpur. Here we specialized in the Chrome and Veg Harness Leathers, in fact at that point of time there were few tanneries, who produced the Harness Leathers.

We are proud to be among the very first to export Vegetable-Tanned Sole Leather from India to European countries in the late Nineties.

In 1980, once again we added yet one more tannery exclusively for making Chrome Finished Leathers at Unnao. Surely, it was one of the most well equipped tannery of its kind in the Northern India at that time in terms of capacity and quality of Finished Leathers, bulk of which was exported. This unit was styled as “Haqsons Leather Complex”.

In 1982 we extended our activities to the manufacture of Safety & Military Boots. We are registered suppliers of these type of Boots to Ordinance & Equipment factories. Syria, Turkey & Saudi Arabia are also our customers for their Military & Work Boot supplies.

In consistence to our continuous endeavor towards forward integration, we decided to enter into the manufacture of Fashion Footwear for exports also. Consequently a Shoe Division for exports was created in 1990 styled as “Haqsons Exports”. To begin with we opted to produce Riding Shoes. There was hardly any export, worth mentioning, of this type of Footwear from India in 1990. By the God’s Grace, however, we were able to create a place for our country, in the export of Riding Shoes. Almost all the big importers of the Riding Shoes know us for Quality Riding Boots.

As however the Riding Boot has an exclusive and limited market and scope of expansion is not unlimited, we extended our activities to Fashion Footwear since 2007. It is a matter of great satisfaction that during these 2 years we have doubled our capacity to produce 50/50 of the Riding and Fashion Footwear.

Apart from the focus line of production of shoes, we diversified to the field of textile garments for Horse Riders in 1993 which also have caught up with the Footwear level during the course of 5 years of production. Chaps, Horse Blankets and Harnesses are other items which are now our specialty.

In 2000 we added yet another product to our range by manufacturing ladies bags with a modest capacity of 100 Pcs. per day and have now expanded into a much bigger and organized setup with present capacity of producing 800 Pcs. per day.